The Seattle Area Pastors Network is a group of Pastors committed to working together until the day that every man, woman and child in the Seattle area has a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed. In order to see this happen we are:

Praying– As leaders the one thing we know we should do more of is pray. We rally 100 churches to pray for 100 days for Revival. This year we will pray from February 1-May 10. Learn more at Awaken Seattle and sign up to receive our daily prayer texts by texting “Pray100” to 425-372-7420.

Learning- Every year we get together to study a book of Scripture and plan a sermon series together. In 2018 we created a sermon series together on the Gospel of John with Tim Mackie. In 2019 we studied Esther with Dr. Tremper Longman III

Standing – We stand together on the core truths of the Christian message so that the people of this great area can know the Gospel of God’s saving grace on display in the life death and resurrection of Jesus.

Serving– Every August we lead our churches to serve the community together side by side on the Jubilee Day of Service. This year the service day is August 29th

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